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InfoSonics is committed to protecting the interests of its stockholders through sound principals of corporate governance and openness and transparency with regulators and the investing public. As a public company, we are committed to a strong Code of Business Conduct and strive to make honesty and integrity the foundations of our corporate culture.

In this portion of our website, we have posted key information about our corporate governance policies. These policies provide a framework for the proper operation of our Company, consistent with our stockholders’ best interests and the requirements of the securities laws and The NASDAQ Stock Market upon which our stock is traded. Some of our corporate governance policies include:

  • Maintenance of Board Committees including Audit, Compensation and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees, all comprised entirely of fully independent directors;
  • Annual review of the charters of each of our Board Committees which clearly establish their respective roles and responsibilities;
  • Our Audit Committee Chairman has the requisite financial management expertise required by the corporate governance standards of NASDAQ and SEC regulations;
  • We hold regular Board and Committee meetings with discussion materials distributed to Board and Committee members in advance of meetings;
  • The independent members of our Board meet regularly without the presence of management;
  • The Board as a whole and each committee of the Board are authorized to directly retain and consult with outside experts as the members deem appropriate;
  • Our independent auditors report directly to the Audit Committee;
  • All of our employees and Directors are required to affirm their acceptance of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy and an Insider Trading Policy;
  • All of our stock-based incentive plans require Shareholder approval; and
  • Loans to officers or directors are prohibited.

InfoSonics remains dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of conduct and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business and operations. We will continue to monitor our policies and procedures and to modify them when necessary based on changing business and regulatory environments.

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